13 NOVEMBER 2016

Registrations will begin April 1, 2016

Free Towel

There’s a FREE towel for all registered runners in this years marathon. Yey we love towels!

Supporting Charity

The Malibu Marathon supports charity work and efforts. Make a difference with us and support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Malibu

Certified Course

The course distance of the malibu marathon is certified by USATF as a Half Marathon.

We support ’The Boys & Girls Clubs of Malibu

Our mission is to promote a healthy and athletic lifestyle and to create a platform for charitable giving in line with the values of the community we represent. And because of the importance of their grassroots efforts and commitment to the Malibu Community, we decided to make ‘The Boys & Girls Clubs of Malibu’ the only beneficiary of this year’s race

Our Sponsors

A special thank you to our Sponsors which share our commitment to deliver excellence with a fresh, innovative and creative twist.
California Half And Full Marathon

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Join the race and Run to Paradise! Half Marathon on November 15th 2015. Keep upto date on this years malibu Marathon and get involved with our active community by following us on twitter.

Malibu Int' Marathon

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